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Our Story

Our family has lived in Wellesley and surrounding towns for many decades. Being frequent customers of Truly’s for a very long time, we often took note of others enjoying their outings as well. So in 2019, we jumped at the opportunity to purchase the shop from Gary, the previous owner and our long time friend. By then it was apparent that the shop needed to be refurbished and could use additional space. We looked for a new location that could accommodate Truly’s growing needs while still retaining the comfort and familiarity of the old place.

Over three years later, we opened the new store right next door to the original spot without missing a beat. We love seeing the Grove Street area filled with friends and families every day. Our most important measure of success is the level of satisfaction and community-building that customers tell us the business provides.

We are committed to keeping Truly’s a special place forever.

The Marcus Family

Truly's management and staff in the store
Truly's front door and outdoor seating
Truly's sign
Truly's Catering sign and outdoor seating