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Our Story


Truly’s has been an iconic fixture in Wellesley Center since 1989. The original Truly Yogurt was a yogurt only shop before introducing ice cream and soft serve a few years later.
The concept was very simple – serve the highest quality, locally sourced products in generous portions with lower prices – a tradition that continues today.


Everybody wants to know about Truly’s world class in-house soft serve. There are 2 parts to our secret formula – our proprietary recipes and the dedication to an older, more time honored approach that creates the lightest and creamiest soft serve found anywhere.


We source our ice cream and yogurt from the famous Richardson’s Farm only 30 miles away. Since 1952 they have been award winning producers of ice cream and yogurt and are considered amongst the finest in our ice cream loving region of New England. 



We measure our success by making a difference for the residents, students, and the local workforce that we serve. Our focus is to create joy for all. Our enthusiastic staff is made up of local students and all Management lives within minutes of the shop. We keep things simple and honest by maintaining our Wellesley roots so we can keep our focus 100% local.